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Flowers from Colombia

The history of the Colombian flowers industry dates back to 1967, when American graduated student David Cheaver discovered that savannas near the Colombian capital Bogota are perfect for growing flowers: a favorable climate with slight temperature fluctuations, 12-hour daylight hours throughout the year and fertile soils of the former bottom of a large lake. A couple of years later, Cheever with three partners opened the company Floramerica and planes with Colombian roses and carnations flew to the United States. The industry began truly explosive growth after 1991, when the US government abolished duties on flower imports from Colombia.

Today Colombia ranks 2nd in the world after the Netherlands as the flowers exporter: 400 producers, 8,000 hectares and 110,000 workers supply flowers to 89 countries of the world.

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Colombia and Ecuador are neighboring countries, so the Colombian flowers catalogue is similar to Ecuador .

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