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Main / FAQ


How the price for the flowers is calculated?

The stem cost is determined by the several factors:
  • Grade. From different types mixe to the most fashionable and expensive “premium” and “super-premium” (for example Explorer, Proud, Paloma, Novia) the price can differ in 2-3 times.
  • Plantation. From ordinary Vegaflor, Flores del cotopaxi, Siera Flor, Florifrut to top-level plantations of Hojaverde, Joygarde, Flormare, RosaPrima level.
  • Opened market conditions for a specific day. The offers and demands ratio affects the price greatly.
  • During special seasons and holidays the price can by 2-3 times greater due to plantations and transport companies raise the prices as well.

What is stand-alone and opened market?

Standing is an annual contract with a plantation for weekly supply at a constant price. The flowers types, length, quantity, price and the delivery date are agreed. The open market takes place every day after the standings are sent. Open market prices go up and down depending on offers and demands ratio.

Why is there no full price list?

We work with 400+ plantations and the prices can change daily and quite significantly. Therefore, there is a proven effective work scheme: you send an approximate order indicating the plantations and flowers types, and we send you realtime price. If you are just planning to buy and don’t know how to start, we are ready to advise you the options which are proven by ourselves in the market.

How does cooperation begin?

Your approximate order should contain the desired plantations, flowers types and length, bud size. Please, feel free to contact us if you don't know what do you need. The minimum delivery lot is 1 full box * (approximately 25 kg or 500 roses). It can contain the roses of any lengths and types, but you should select at least 0.25 full box of one flower type. The same rules are actual for chrysanthemums, carnations, alstroemeria, etc. (see catalogue) as well. Calculations examples are here. * Minimum delivery - 1 fullbox.

How is the payment made?

We accept Wire Bank Money transfer, Visa, Master Card, PayPal, Paxum. Prepayment must be received 3-4 days before the cargo desired departure day.

How is the cargo delivered?

We deliver the cargo by air from Ecuador or Colombia to Amsterdam after the general order is collected. We check the flowers quality before delivery. The flowers are pre-cooled (cooled) upon arrival, and then are sent to your destination by one of following ways:
- by track; - by air; - independent delivery;

At what stage is the quality control carried out?

Our experts carry out control immediately before departure from Ecuador or Colombia. We are responsible for the quality of your flowers and in case of marriage we accept claims within 48 hours after receiving the flowers. The claim must contain a detailed description of the defect and photos of flowers on the label of an opened box background.

What countries do you work with?

Ecuador and Colombia are our main partners, but we can also send you the flowers from Netherlands, Israel and Kenya. The delivery structure is close to describe one, but some peculiarities are actual. So, please, contact out manager.