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Flowers from Kenya

The Kenyan flower market is constantly gaining momentum and gaining respect. The roses from Kenya are not so large and high as the Ecuadorian, but it is good for its durability and very attractive price. The height of the Kenyan rose is up to 80 cm, the size of the bud is small and medium. We offer single-headed and bush Kenyan roses, please, take a look to the catalogue below. The best plantations in Kenya are: Batian Flowers, Sian Farms, Ravine Roses, Primarosa, Desire Flora, Oserian Flower Farm, Agriflora Kenya Limited, Isinya Roses, Equator Flowers Kenya.


Single-headed rose: length and quantity in a box
40 cm - 600 pcs.
50 cm - 560 pcs.
60 cm - 520 pcs.
70 cm - 460 pcs.
80 cm - 420 pcs.

Shrub rose: length and quantity in a box
40 cm - 520 pcs.
50 cm - 460 pcs.
60 cm - 400 pcs.
70 cm - 320 pcs.
80 cm - 300 pcs.

Weight of one box is approximately 25-26 kg.

* Please note these are approximate numbers. The specific packaging depends on the various factors (season, plantation, variety of roses, etc.).


Kenyan roses are delivered from plantations to the refrigerators in Nairobi Airport using modern refrigerators with constant temperature control. Then the cargo is loaded into air planes and is transported to Amsterdam (flights from Nairobi on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) or any other city of your choice. Our partners the Dutch logistics company Van de Put Fresh Cargo Handling conducts transit and customs clearance of the cargo in Amsterdam and transfers the cargo by trucks as it's agreed.
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